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Effective communication is the foundation of good leadership. Rose Institute partners with schools to offer students public speaking courses. We are proud to be equipping the next generation of leaders with confidence and critical-thinking skills, and we hope your school will join us in this endeavor! Here are some of the courses Rose Institute can bring to your school:

Public Speaking 1

• Designed to instill confidence and public speaking skills in students.
• Topics include: articulation, expression, body language, newscasts, conversation, and much more!
• Training sessions consist of lectures, fun activities, and speech practice.
• Uses the workbook How to Be Heard and Remembered by Win Heggem
• Can accommodate grades 4-5, 5-8, and 9-12.

Fundamentals of Debate

• Designed for students with little to no prior debate experience.
• Topics include: public speaking, logic and argumentation, research, debate theory, and much more!
• Training sessions consist of lectures, fun activities, and speaking practice.
• Access to detailed lecture notes and PowerPoint slides.
• Students have a chance to practice their skills at an end-of-semester debate tournament!
• Can accommodate grades 6 and up.

Advanced Forensics

• For students with prior competitive speech or debate experience
• For advanced coaching in: Parliamentary debate, Lincoln Douglas debate, Team Policy debate, Public Forum debate, Impromptu, Original Oratory, and Interpretive Speaking events.

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