Why Rose Debate?

Find out what makes Rose Debate a first-class educational program.


Here’s what some of our previous students and parents have to say about the program:

“The Rose Summer Debate camp was a great experience where I was not only able to grow my abilities through the help of Bob and Paul, but where I also had a lot of fun with fellow debaters. As a result of taking this great camp, I learned how to properly debate, flow, research, and much much more. In the end, all of this knowledge helped me to grow to be a better debater, and because of Bob and Paul’s very influential teaching, I was able to place in a few tournaments and qualify for Nationals!” ~Matthew, student

“Rose summer debate camp helped me understand all of the ins and outs of debate. At first I was determined not to do debate, but after participating in this fun and interactive class, I came to love it!” ~Lizzy, student

“Paul and Robert Rose are top-notch debate instructors and have created a program that caters to kids of varying skill-sets and prior experiences, and in a very short time gets them to be confident and fluent in the art of debating…I could see the development in my 12 year old daughter and the general confidence she has displayed in her demeanor as part of taking this class.” ~Aniruhda, Parent

“Beginning Debate is a well organized course that covers the foundation of debate in a clear and concise manner. My middle school children were able to learn much from the excellent teachers, Bob and Paul Rose. The Rose brothers kept the class focused and interesting. Examples and exercises made concepts come to life. My children really enjoyed the end of the course debate competition. For us, the course was well worth the one hour commute (each way), and we all are looking forward to joining them for another summer of debate.” ~Mary Jane, parent

“I would recommend this class because it’s very instructive. Not only were there informative lectures, there was also small group time where we as students had the opportunity to practice what we learned. Bob, Paul, Daniel, and the other guest speakers made the complex debate concepts really clear and easy to understand.” ~Anne, student

“At first, Jonathan was not happy that I signed him up for the summer debate training. But after first class, he changed his mind and told me that he liked it! This class was very educational and enlightening, plus fun and rewarding (I like the paper money system). The practice tournament was a fantastic experience to all of participants. They finally got the whole picture of what debate should be like. The comments from each judge were valuable. I really appreciate your teamwork, especially your dear mother. May God Bless your whole family!” ~Cindy, parent

“I learned so much about the critical skill of public speaking. The class was amazingly well-paced…it can’t get better than this.” ~Jonathan, student

“We would highly recommend this class because Bob and Paul are a fabulous team, they are organized, skilled, able to relate well with younger kids and have the passion to pass on the world of debate in a well packaged manner.” ~Athena, parent

“Bob and Paul are knowledgeable instructors. They taught the class well and they are also good role models for my children. Anne and Beau enjoyed every class and learned all about debate from them. Even though it is quite a drive, but it’s definitely worth it.” ~Jodie, parent

“I would recommend this class because it is fun, educational, and a excellent experience.” ~Beau, student

“It’s a great experience to learn about debate or review after the summer. It also helped a lot with the new resolution and case ideas.” ~Jacob, student


At Rose Debate, we pride ourselves in equipping the next generation of leaders. Through our interactive learning process, our students learn to communicate effectively, think critically, and work in teams. These skills are an essential part of successful leadership.


Through team policy debate, students have the opportunity to research and discuss real world problems. Past Rose Debate topics include: military policy, foreign diplomacy, and this year’s marine natural resource policy. Students who pursue debate become globally minded, learning to interpret and analyze current problems and propose solutions.


Our curriculum emphasizes logic and argumentation. Through fun exercises and research seminars, we train students to recognize sound logic from fallacy. In debate, a student is required to debate BOTH sides of a resolution. For instance, this year’s topic is marine natural resource policy. Your student will learn to argue against, and in favor of changing our marine natural resource policy.


Verbal instruction is only the first step. We incorporate numerous drills and exercises into our class sessions, giving the students the opportunity to practice the skills they will be acquiring. Additionally, at the end of the program, students will compete in four full debate rounds in a real tournament setting.



Paul Rose (right) competed for seven years in competitive speech and debate, during which he won three qualifying tournaments, two national championships, and nearly a dozen speaker awards. In 2011, he and his brother Robert Rose (not pictured) after having won the National STOA invitational tournament, founded the Rose Debate Institute. In 2012, he partnered up with Daniel Lutz (left) to win the National Invitational Tournament of Champions for a second time in Colorado Springs, CO. Daniel and Robert, both Seniors at UCLA, offer Rose Debate programs in the LA area. Jacob Shao (not pictured) was the 2nd speaker in the nation in the 2013 STOA Debate Season; he will also be coaching. Throughout their years of experience, they have learned the secrets to arguing, researching, and communicating successfully. And after eleven combined years of teaching and coaching, they are very capable of helping others develop those skills as well. Click HERE for more instructor biographies.


Rose Summer Debate program alumni who have gone on to compete have experienced great success! Eight of our 2011 alumni qualified for the 2012 National Championship in Colorado Springs, CO!

C.J. O. and Jacob S. — qualified for the National Championship. Achieved a winning record at three tournaments, including a top ten finish at a qualifying tournament!
Nina R. and Lizzy L. — in just their first year of debate, Nina and Lizzie qualified for the National Championship. At Nationals, they achieved a winning record to break to the out-rounds!
Daniel C. and Samuel C. — qualified for the National Championship in their first year of debate! Daniel and Samuel achieved winning records at multiple tournaments throughout the year.
Ben L. — In his first year of debate, Ben and his partner, Ethan Bratko, qualified for Nationals, achieving a winning record at multiple qualifying tournaments throughout the year.

Matthew L.With his partner, Caterina Rose, Matthew Lutz achieved a winning record at three tournaments and qualified for the National Championship!

This year, Rose Debate alumni have also met great success. So far, seven Rose Debate alumni have qualified for the National Tournament in Arkansas, and many more have achieved winning records!