Saturday, December 10th – Speech and Debate – 8:30am – 5:30pm PST

Sacred Heart School in Saratoga, CA

Featuring Panel Debate, Elevator Pitches, Cold Reading, Volte Face, and Original Oratory

Registration is now closed. We invite you to sign up to volunteer as a judge here


Q: Will my student receive recognition for his or her performance?

A: Yes, absolutely! As always, we’ll end our tournament with an award ceremony, and present our winners with a memento of their success.

Q: Why should I register my student?

A: Our tournaments are always a highlight of the semester for our students. Students have a chance to grow in confidence, turn practice into performance, and accelerate their progress and skills.

Q: What are the different events?

A: We encourage you to ask your student! If you’re still confused, email us at

Q: Is this an all-day event?

A: Yes. Students must be available for the full competition day in order to enter the tournament. A student may leave early only if they do not make it past the preliminary rounds, which run until 2:30 pm. However, we encourage all our students to stay and watch the finalists and attend the awards ceremony!

Q: How can I help my student prepare?

A: Your student is already preparing in class! However, practicing at home can be very valuable for a student. Consider letting your student practice their speeches for you as well!