Saturday, May 6th – Speech and Debate – 8:30am – 6:15 pm PST

Sacred Heart School in Saratoga, CA

Featuring Panel Debate, Newscasting, Volte Face, Video Blogging, and Impromptu

Registration is closed.

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Q: Will my student receive recognition for his or her performance?

A: Yes, absolutely! As always, we’ll end our tournament with an award ceremony, and present our winners with a memento of their success.

Q: Why should I register my student?

A: Our tournaments are always a highlight of the semester for our students. Students have a chance to grow in confidence, turn practice into performance, and accelerate their progress and skills.

Q: What are the different events?

A: We encourage you to ask your student! If you’re still confused, email us at

Q: Is this an all-day event?

A: Yes. Students must be available for the full competition day in order to enter the tournament. A student may leave early only if they do not make it past the preliminary rounds, which run until 2:30 pm. However, we encourage all our students to stay and watch the finalists and attend the awards ceremony!

Q: How can I help my student prepare?

A: Your student is already preparing in class! However, practicing at home can be very valuable for a student. Consider letting your student practice their speeches for you as well!