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Public Speaking

Effective communication is a vital tool in almost every area of life, from learning in school, to creating friendships, to building a career. Public speaking remains the number one fear in the United States. At Rose Debate Institute, we believe that practicing effective communication deserves as much investment as any activity.  

Competitive Speech

For students who are interested in competing in speech and debate, we host our competitive speech clubs. We train our students in a variety of competitive speech events and provide a platform and constructive feedback to hone their skills in unique ways and receive recognition for their accomplishments. 

Business Leadership

More than ten years ago, two high school debate champions started a single summer debate program in their living room, hoping to share their skills with other students. Today, Rose Debate works with thousands of students and dozens of partners.


Today, critical thinking and effective debating skills are more essential than ever before. At Rose Debate, we have developed techniques and content to foster these skills in our students, sharpening their minds and bolstering their confidence in communication.

Private Clubs

As more and more parents explore alternative schooling to better address the needs of their children, Rose Debate partners directly with families to provide personalized speech and debate programming. 

Mechanics of Delivery

Offered for Grades 7+ and Grades 7+ (Advanced). Our Fundamentals of Debate courses explore Intro to Military Policy, Debate Theory, Research Techniques and Organization, Affirmative Strategy and Casebuilding, Negative Strategy and Teamwork, Scrimmages, Tournaments, and more!

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