The Rose Debate Virtual Invitationals

Saturday, March 13 – Debate – 9-2 PST

Featuring Congressional Debate

Students may sign up alone, they will compete against students in their same age group throughout the day.

Open to students currently enrolled in one of our programs.

Tournament fee: $15

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Q: Will my student receive recognition for his or her performance?

A: Yes, absolutely! As always, we’ll end our tournament with an award ceremony, and present our winners with a memento of their success.

Q: Why should I register my student?

A: Our tournaments are always a highlight of the semester for our students. Students have a chance to grow in confidence, turn practice into performance, and accelerate their progress and skills.

Q: How can I help my student prepare?

A: Your student is already preparing in class! Be on the lookout for an announcement concerning our tournament bootcamps, which will help students not currently enrolled prep for class.

Q: What is Congressional Debate?

A: We encourage you to ask your student! If you’re still confused, email us at

Q: How is a virtual tournament going to work?

A: As with our classes, we’ll be using Zoom to host this tournament! Our team has vast experience running tournaments, and has already conducted small-scale test tournaments to prepare for these.